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An Overview Of The Portable Pop Up Display Systems By Hondeal

Hondeal offers an extensive collection of stands and booths for advertising, but the pop up advertising systems are some of the most sought-after ones. In a nutshell, these products are intended for branding and promotional purposes and they are ideal for advertising events, shows, exhibition galleries and such. The magnetic pop up systems are certainly a great investment for those who want to raise the visibility of the brand, to boost their sales and to improve brand recognition as the same time. With an appealing interface and a pleasant, modern and exquisite design, the portable pop up display system is certainly a great addition to every advertising campaign. 

What makes these products so popular is that, just like the name implies, they are portable, convenient and very easy to carry around with you. If you are tired of heavy, complicated and easy to handle systems then these advertising magnetic systems are certainly what you need. They can be installed and dismantled between seconds, and they can withstand top-notch, high-quality and high-definition graphics. Moreover, you can add a variety of accessories to these pop up stands, to make them even more efficient for your branding purposes. Functional, practical and highly efficient, the portable pop up display systems are perfect for exhibition shows as they meet your advertising and promotional needs, and even exceed them!

Hondeal is a display supplier in Malaysia and it offers three main pop up systems. The Magnetic Pop Up Backdrop is certainly one of the most appreciated systems, as it has a curved structure and a generous panel printing size that allows you to advertise your products and services more efficiently than ever before. The Magnetic Pop Up Counter, on the other hand, has the shape and size of a regular counter: you can opt for a straight or a curved counter, based on the type of exhibition and the location of the counter. 

A curved one is ideal for corners while a straight one can be used in almost any conditions. Regardless of your choice, both magnetic counters weigh around 12 kilograms each, they have a 870 mm in height and a printing surface of no less than 845 mm. These counters are commonly used given the fact that you can put all sorts of products on top of them and you can customize their appearance as well by printing your company’s logo, color code, motto or any other branding element that appeals to the audience. 

Hondeal also offers pop up trolley cases that are absolutely essential for carrying your stands and booths. These cases allow you to easily store and transport the previously dismantled display systems, and they weigh anywhere from 4 kg to 11 kg, depending on your choice. Hondeal offers three distinct trolley cases you can choose from: the square trolley case which is a plywood construct and has 900 mm in height, the oval shaped trolley case which is made from PVC and measures 1000 mm in height and the canvas trolley case, which has a special canvas structure and is the most lightweight product of all three. 


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