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Hondeal - Display Stand System Supplier In Malaysia

With an experience of over 35 years in the exhibition system industry, Hondeal is one of Malaysia’s most reputable and most popular supplier of display systems. From pop-up displays to portable display booths and shop display systems, Hondeal provides its customers with a wide array of innovative and modern display stand Malaysia that are especially designed to help them highlight the most notable features and functions of their products. Hondeal invests in research in order to refine and improve their products on a regular basis, and currently the company provides state of the art, portable exhibition solutions for a wide array of companies. The only way to achieve customer satisfaction is by delivering top-notch, tailored and customer-oriented products!

In addition to providing a wealth of personalized exhibition systems, Hondeal also offers brochure and banner stands that are designed to help business owners raise visibility and brand awareness. These stands and booths are particularly useful for small and medium sized businesses who do not want to invest heavily in advertising. Basically, these banner and brochure stands are a win-win situation: not only does the business owner get to advertise his business in an efficient and cost-effective fashion, but he also displays his products and services in a detailed and comprehensive way as well.

Regardless of the reason why you need an exhibition system, be it for seminars, exhibitions or simple road shows, Hondeal will surely offer you a solution that meets your business needs. Lightweight, cost-effective, efficient, portable and foldable, these stands can be easily transported with a minimum of effort – this is why they come in handy and they appeal to so many business owners in the Asia Pacific area!

The marketing and advertising segment is continuously evolving, and the exhibition or display solutions must keep up with this fast pace. This is exactly what Hondeal aims to do: with a team of skilled and well-trained specialists who have solid expertise in display gadgets and solutions, Hondeal comes with a wide array of targeted stands and booths that can be used in the long term. These stands are very versatile and they can be easily customized to meet the needs of both simple and sophisticated businesses. Slowly but surely, Hondeal is becoming one of the first most reputable suppliers in the display and signage industry in Malaysia.

What Does Hondeal Have To Offer?

As said earlier, Hondeal supplier offers a plethora of different stands. For instance, you can opt for the popular pop-up stands (the Magnetic Pop-Up Counter or Backdrop are two of the most popular choices in this sector), fold up stands, foldable counters and display systems, brochure and banner stands, roll up banners, snap poster frames, complex show cases, a collection of quality and innovative advertising canopy systems, portable stage systems and so on.

Besides the array of advertising products mentioned above, Hondeal also specializes in several services that are essential for the success of every marketing campaign. For instance, the company can easily design and create special, customer-oriented and tailored 3D booths for efficient product advertising. The company can also rent different products if you do not have the intention to buy them and you only need them for a short period of time, and it can also offer ink jet and laser machine that are designed to meet the printing needs of all customers. Service network construction is also available: Hondeal takes great pride in offering services of an impeccable quality, and it constantly invests and upgrades its products.

The customer support services should not be neglected either, as the professional team of consultants from Hondeal is always there to assist you and to answer your questions. This way, you will benefit from fast, efficient and highly satisfying services on many different levels. The Hondeal specialists know how troublesome and stressful it can be to set up an advertising campaign, this is why the specialists are always at your disposal to offer you professional consultancy services and advice on the best solution for your business niche and products. 

Why Trust Hondeal? 

In addition to the over three decades of experience in the industry, the headquarters of Hondeal are based right in the capital city of Malaysia, which is Kuala Lumpur. Here are the offices, the storage space and the workshop of the company, where customers can get a deeper insight into all the products and services provided by Hondeal and choose those that best match their exhibition requirements.

Just like any other company that respects itself, its services and its customers, Hondeal provides all the services from scratch and everything is done in-house: the company does not outsource its work to third parties, because the teams of specialists here have enough expertise and experience to design a top-notch stand, banner or booth from scratch. This is not even the best part – the best part is that all the products are cost-effective and every business owner can find an exhibition solution that meets his budget and requirements.

The company is fully fitted and equipped with some of the latest and most professional equipment and gadgets in the field, and it can laminate, vinyl cut and print banners and ads in almost any shape and size. No matter if you need a custom made traditional logo or you want to opt for a 3D logo that will make your business stand out from the rest, Hondeal is here to help you. The creative and original graphic designers can come up with an outstanding and unique sales message that will add to your advertising campaign. It takes a whole lot of experience, knowledge and skill to truly orchestrate a flawless exhibition, but the Hondeal specialists are here to give you the peace of mind you need, knowing that everything will be taken care of on your behalf.

Last, but not least, the official website of the company also has a “Gallery” section where you can get a brief overview of some of the most successful exhibition solutions. Moreover, on the official site you can also find the most important partners and clients of Hondeal, clients that the company had numerous collaborations and partnerships with over the years.


Malaysia Pop Up Display :: Malaysia Exhibition Display System :: Malaysia Portable Pop Up Display Booth :: Malaysia Pop Up Display System :: Pop Up Display Booth

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