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Who we are in the exhibition display industry?

Our exhibition display system journey begins in 1976 in Singapore.
Inspired by a vision to provide the best exhibition sign, advertising and display solutions in the market, Mr. Paul Lee started Hondeal with simple sales and service team specializing in building signage and display gadgets for customers. Through a combination of skilled expertise and dedicated service, Hondeal steadily rose to become one of Singapore's leading names in the exhibition signage and display industry.

Success across the shores with exhibition display system

was not content to remain only within the confines of Singapore. Buoyed by its accomplishments in Singapore, the company next set sights on innovated the Malaysians market. Thus in 1990, Hondeal opened its first branch in Kuala Lumpur equipped with a factory lot. Hondeal aspired to be the premier exhibition display provider in the country by introducing new technology and being directly involved in big projects.

Indeed, Hondeal's ambition extended beyond only entering the market, but to conquering it. It was committed to implementing new gadgets for display, exhibition and event signage use, and ultimately leading the Malaysian signage and display industry to a new era altogether.

What did we achieve further in exhibition display system?

Since then, Hondeal has soared on to greater heights.

  • In 1984, we ventured into the China market by setting up a exhibition sign equipment factory in Xia Men, China.
  • In 1999, Cammgate Sdn Bhd was formed as a sister company of Hondeal, acting as a specialized sales and marketing arm for exhibition signage equipment and large format inkjets printer.
  • In 2009, Graphic Production Studio Sdn Bhd was formed as another sister company of Hondeal to produce graphic product such as indoor / outdoor large format printing services, UV emitted large format printing services, laser cutting services and etc.
  Hondeal is a company
with an eye for the future. We are continually looking ahead to becoming the best in what we do.
We aspire to become the No. 1 supplier and distributor of display and exhibition equipment in Asia Pacific.
We will achieve this by consistently pioneering and providing the best products, services and operational methods directed towards total customer satisfaction.
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